"Every child can study abroad, It’s not about the money; it’s about the right guidance"

Course Selection

The biggest difference in the education system in India and in western countries, is the sheer number of majors (specializations) that a student can pursue. Most of the times young kinds are not even aware of the various concentrations, that a child can enroll for while studying abroad.

Our team helps the students and parents understand the variety of courses available and help them decide the right major to pursue at the university. This decision is generally a life changing one for the student.

Example : Students generally say that they want to study PSYCHOLOGY, but when we look at international universities ,the different studies in psychology that we get are
1 Health Psychology MSc
2 Management Psychology MSc
3 Occupational Psychology MSc
4 Psychology (Conversion) MSc
5 Rehabilitation Psychology MSc
6 Work and Organisational Psychology MSc
7 Psychology and Education MA
8 Psychology of Music MA
9 Work Psychology MSc
10 DClinPsy Doctor of Clinical Psychology
11 MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology
12 MSc Applied Neuropsychology
13 MSc/MedSci Clinical Neuropsychology
14 MSc/MedSci Clinical Neuropsychology Knowledge & Practice
15 MSc Philosophy of Mind & Psychology
16 MSc Psychology: Mental Health Sciences
17 MSc International Marketing and Consumer Psychology
18 MSc Forensic Psychology and Mental Health
19 MSc Mental Health: Cultural Psychology and Psychiatry
20 MSc Psychology in Education
Our team explains the various options and opens up the mind and the world of opportunities for the students.