"Every child can study abroad, It’s not about the money; it’s about the right guidance"

Education Abroad – Necessity or Fad

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  • Education Abroad – Necessity or Fad

    • November 25, 2022
    In my teenage, pursuing education abroad was one of the biggest fantasies for me. I always thought achieving that dream need lots of Money, Money, Money! But over a period, I realize it’s not a fantasy but a necessity and the whole journey need to be started with Right Guidance!!! In 2021, despite of onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, as per UNESCO 91% of Indian students showed interest in pursuing their studies abroad. According to data from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), despite of many issues related to Visa 2,61,406 students went abroad to pursue their education abroad. It’s a Challenge - Stepping outside of your comfort zone is one of the biggest challenges but the whole experience is valuable and worthwhile. Education Abroad broadly gives 2 types of benefits – Personally and Academically.

    Personal Growth – Studying Abroad makes you Smarter!

    New Country and Culture – Adaptability and getting immersed in a totally different environment can be scary at first, but it will grow your self-confidence and independence. It also gives you an opportunity to explore places or countries around your university, to learn about local food, history, traditional music, sports and customs. You might also get chance to experience your own culture or tradition through the eyes of other people belonging to some other culture. This in turn broaden your world view and perspective.

    New Language Skills – Learning a language can be a real challenge, but it massively helps to increase your daily vocabulary and introduces you to more colloquial ways of speaking in that language. Its result’s to enhancement of your conversational, written skills and fluency.

    New People Network – Studying abroad gives you immense opportunity to meet diverse range of people which benefits you to build a people network across the boundaries. Being a part of university alumni, you will have lifetime opportunity to access the network which in-turn helps you to collaborate and work. It will also help you to make friends and energetic professional network.

    Professional Growth – Studying Abroad increases your Earning Potential and Hire ability!

    Quality Education – Standard of education is prominently increasing and evolving but the courses available have more theoretical approach and comparatively are very expensive. Due to the lack of practicality, students lack in developing professional skills that are needed by companies. So now a days to fill this gap, companies provide trainings to employee by compromising on their salary. In comparison to this, universities abroad provide a balance between theory and practicality by offering both on campus and off campus experiences to equip their students with skills. They also provide flexibility feature where students can choose their course based on their interest and also allow them to work part time so that they can Earn while Studying.

    Alumni Networks – People from various fields, and global companies with great knowledge are part of this Alumni network. These networks help students to get job offers and secure employment after graduation.

    Strong Culture of Innovations and Research – Universities abroad have a strong culture for students of innovations and research. They have a systematic methodology to convert the experimental things to a product. Universities abroad are well equipped with infrastructure and financial aids to support their innovations and research.

    Global Citizen – Studying Abroad gives you to be a Global Citizen, that means you have an opportunity to work all round the globe. International experience will impact your hire ability and will help you to stand out in today’s highly competitive global job market.

    Further Studies – International academic community focuses more on research, so having studied in a different country means you will develop international connections and fresh ideas on latest topics; this plays an appealing role to universities looking for Master’s or Ph.D. candidates.

    Niche and Focussed Study – As per the requirements of Job profiles, students can specialize in a niche field of their interest or requirement by taking up full fledge course or a specialized course of short duration. Many universities abroad provide and focus on a specific skill development of the students providing direct practical aspects.

    Employment – Studying Abroad boosts students career prospects. Employees with more advanced degrees usually hold higher posts in companies thereby giving proper value and respect to the education taken by student. Many countries offer Optional Practical Training (OPT), a period during which undergraduate and graduate students with F-1 status to work towards getting practical training to complement their education. Deciding to Study Abroad is a big decision both Personally and Financially and needs to be planned well in advance. There are various myths and false data available.
    regarding “Education Abroad”, so a RIGHT GUIDANCE is MUST to achieve your dream of Study Abroad!!!

    Ulka S Padwalkar (M.E – Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering) is IELTS Trainer and Consultant for career guidance about Education Abroad. She is a Director of Khateeb Study Abroad Consultancy. She has 18+ years of experience as an Assistant Professor in various Mumbai University Colleges. She can be contacted for any queries related to “Study Abroad” as they work for all universities across the globe for any candidates from any stream, background with any budget.