Profile Management Plan

Before we Introduce the revoutionary Profile management plan offered by us, here the few misconceptions that students have about studying abroad ,especially in the United States

  • Just a good GRE score is enough to make it to a top University.
  • A good TOEFL score ensures a seat in a top University.
  • If my CGPA (academics) are slightly weaker, i will never be able to make it to a University of My choice. etc

Most students dont realise that good GRE & TOEFL scores are necessary to get into a top University abroad , but its not sufficient. THe Uiversities while evaluating the candidate also looks foward to the following,

  • Candidates complete Acedemic performances.
  • Acheivements in Extra curricular fields.
  • Internships undertaken.
  • International Certifications Done.
  • Community Services participated in.
  • International Paper Presentations.
  • Great Statement of Purposes .
  • Credible Letter Of recommendations. etc.

FOr developing a grea tprofile that includes the above mentioned, students need to be mentored from the early years in their undergrad studeis.

Our Uniqie PROFILE MANAGEMENT PLAN, enrolls students right after their first year in Ungrad studies and then mentors them for 3 years ,before they become eligible and apply for the university abroad. We make sure that the student has the best of the all the above mentioned, which makes the candidate stand out and catch the eye of the University.

Under this plan we guide the student on the following fronts,
  • How to inmprove Academics ( in all semesters). We also create a plan for them.
  • Arrange internships.
  • Help in International Paper presentations.
  • Write great Statements of Purposes.
  • Get credible Letter ofRecommendations.
  • Get certifications from Global companes like ORACLE, MICROSOFT,SIEMENS, CISCI etc.
  • Develop industry relavant skills in the college itself.
  • We help choose the right University.
So, basically we make sure that you get into the top Universities and that too in style.

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